7 Things To Take Care While Choosing Best Piano Removalists In Brisbane

7 Things To Take Care While Choosing Best Piano Removalists In Brisbane

By psranaptyltd |
February 5, 2024 |

If you own a piano, moving it to a new place can indeed be a hassle, especially when you do not hire the services of the best piano removalists in Brisbane.

Be it a baby grand or a Pianola, you always need to make sure it is being moved to a new location with utmost care.

Do you know what whatever design of size it has, a piano technically has more than 10,000 parts in it, and hence using adept hands during moving can certainly be of great help.

It is highly recommended that you use the services of highly experienced and reliable piano removalists in Brisbane so that it safely finds its place in the new home.

Mentioned below are the 7 things you need to know before you choose a piano removalist in Brisbane.

1. Do a background check

Most of the piano removalist companies do have their websites, and testimonials written by their earlier clients. You can even do a proper check online to check the reviews on their social media pages and search engines.

A legitimate business always has an informative website and a good presence on social media websites. You can also check as to how the business responded to complaints on their social media. Do not go with a firm that does not have any of these mentioned above.

2. Know the process they follow

Before you go ahead and hire a piano removalist in Brisbane, you also need to follow the process they follow. If the removalist is an amateur, he/she will not have a proper answer for this. However, an experienced company has a process they follow and share with their customers.

3. Know it all about the insurance

Well, now that you have done a little research, it is time you ask the company for the insurance details. The piano removalists do give a guarantee about the safe moving of your instrument, but always choose a service that comes with the insurance.

The most reputed piano removalists in Brisbane offer removals insurance, and this gives you a peace of mind, as you know that your instrument is covered in case damage occurs.

4. Check how clear they are with the instructions

A piano removalist company might give you an explanation about their process, but do they implement the same. Do they inform you about the time they would arrive, and are they punctual? The company needs to know the exact measurement of your piano so that they come prepared for its packing and moving. Have they done that?

5. Compare the prices

You might receive quotes with lesser price but do not fall prey to such tactics. Many amateur piano removalists often quote less for service as customers prefer low cost. However, if you are looking for a reliable and on-time service, do not bargain or choose someone who charges less but might barely finish the task.

If the team you are planning to work with is unable to provide a breakdown of the charges, consider it a red flag.

6. Know how they protect the instrument

Make sure you check with the piano removalist as to how they would care for the instrument during the process of relocation. Check with them if they will bring along and use the padding or the equipment to protect the piano while it is being lifted during the shifting process.

7. Check if the company offers any extras

Remember that no two piano removalists are the same, and there is no harm in checking if they offer any extra features. Check if the company provides storage services or loading and unloading services for free. Even a few extras can make the whole process hassle-free. Imagine an expert team handling the movement of your furniture or piano, and offering to load, unloading and packing services as a bonus! Well, you would be delighted for sure.

7 Things To Take Care While Choosing Best Piano Removalists In Brisbane

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If you are looking for piano removalists in Brisbane who provide a stress-free experience, look no further than Team Removals.

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