7 Unexpected Moving Costs You Need to be Aware Of

7 Unexpected Moving Costs You Need to be Aware Of

By psranaptyltd |
February 5, 2024 |

Moving home can be quite expensive, especially when you are not ready for the unseen costs. While everything might look easy and simple, there are a few expenses that go unnoticed, or most of us are not prepared about.

Let us in this article have a look at such 7 unexpected moving costs every homeowner must be aware of.

1. Insurance Rates

It is important to note that insurance rates can change with the change in address, and this applies to auto as well as rental insurance. The rates might go up or at times down, and this depends on your new location.

Homeowners can contact the insurance companies to know about the applicable rates.

2. Damages

If your old house or apartment has any damage, you might be charged for their repairs by the homeowner. Some of these can be for carpet cleaning, paint fixes, or repairs. Most of the time the damage caused is not known until all the furniture and belongings are packed and moved out. Once the house is emptied, the damage caused is obvious, and you will have to make the payment for the same to the property owner. If you have a security deposit, the damages can be deducted from it.

3. Utility Costs

Most of the homeowners forget the fact that they need to pay utility fees for transferring or reconnecting various services. The fees applicable depend on your utility company, so it helps to enquire about the charges well in advance.

4. New Purchases

When you move to a new house, you might have to make a few new purchases like appliances or housewares. For example, you might need some new window coverings or washer hookups. Most of the time, many small purchases like buying cleaning supplies or detergents add up to a lot. Therefore, it helps to plan such costs in advance.

5. Storage

In situations when you cannot move into your new home immediately, you will have to store your furniture and other belongings at a place, temporarily. Though storage is not expensive, it can be an unexpected cost if you were not anticipating the same. If you are confused, do not forget to ask your movers for some recommendations. Most of the movers also provide storage solutions.

6. Packing Materials

Moving can sound like a task, and it can get really expensive if you are not prepared for the costs. One such cost, which is often overseen, is the price of packaging materials. The cost of the packing boxes, the tape, and the bubble wrap can be avoided by hiring professionals to do the packing for you. You do not save time and money but can also focus on other important tasks you have on hand.

7.  Kennel or Baby Sitting Services

Moving your house can be challenging especially when you have toddlers or pets at home. Many homeowners hire the services of baby sitters or drop their pets at a kennel for their safety. If you are moving from one state to another, you might have to apply for new drivers or a pet license. Though the fees can be minimal, all the costs tend to add up in no time.

Now that you know the unexpected costs that you need to be aware of when moving, make sure you plan it all in advance. Once you are aware of the hidden costs, you can plan your move more confidently.

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