How to Get Stress Free Piano Movers in Melbourne Australia

How to Get Stress Free Piano Movers in Melbourne Australia

By psranaptyltd |
February 5, 2024 |

Can regular packers and movers take care of your piano while transiting? The answer is a big “NOOOOO”. Ordinary movers are not skilled to safely transport the piano without any damage. 

The piano has its weight distributed unevenly, this requires proper lifting and problem-solving skills. Getting a stress-free transit to your instrument to the new location needs a piano mover in Melbourne.

Searching for a piano mover in Melbourne is quite a task, but if we have some patience, you can find one easily. All you need to do is evaluate a few criteria before allowing them to handle the shifting of your piano.

#1 Experience

Nothing can beat the experience when we need a professional piano mover in Melbourne. You can be sure that your precious object is safe as it is being handled by the expert, who knows how to deal with the task. If there is any problem with the piano, the experienced mover has the skill to fix it efficiently.

You don’t need a huge experience say 20 years or more, but a few years of experience and a smart team can handle it much better. But, yes …the experience counts!

#2 Technique and the right equipment

The piano mover in Melbourne must be well equipped with proper moving needs to shift your piano. One may lift so many weights at the house or in the gym, but it needs proper equipment and skill to lift a piano.

The company must provide a spacious truck to transport the piano and they must also be equipped with moving equipment like dollies, straps, and cranes (if the piano is large. The experienced people with the right equipment make a good choice to move your piano from one place to another.

#3 Word of mouth and reviews

There are many ways you can rate a piano mover in Melbourne. Firstly, enquire about a few in your neighborhood and get some recommendations. Search in google for the piano movers in Melbourne and go through all the services provided by them. Check for the proper equipment and experienced staff. 

Shortlist a few, with good reviews and you are done. Call all the shortlisted movers and let them know your requirements and dimensions of your instrument.

Question about the equipment and experience to have a cross-check and finally ask for the detailed quote. Every effort is worth as the piano is both a costly and memorable object.

 It’s hard to find a good piano mover in Melbourne but you can find one if you follow the above steps.

All you need is a piano mover in Melbourne who takes all your stress and moves your instrument safe and in shape.

Are you still stressful?

Team Removals Australia can help you with your piano moving stunt. The team is both equipped and experienced to handle such a task with ease.

You can just let them know what needs to be done and be stress-free.

The experienced team will deal with your piano and give you the best service.

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