Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Packing Stress

Top 5 Tips for Getting Rid of Packing Stress

By psranaptyltd |
February 5, 2024 |

Moving is one of those experiences that many people have to go through at some point in their lives. It can be quite unpleasant, but usually, it leads to a positive outcome.  

When you think about moving, the first thing that comes to mind is packing. But with so much to take with you, how are you going to do it correctly so your belongings don’t get damaged in transit? That’s a big worry for people who are thinking about making a move soon. But we have some tips to make your moving process easier and save you time and frustration. By following our advice, you’ll be able to pack everything correctly and avoid damage during transit.

Tips & Tricks for Stressfree Packing

Moving can be a lot of work, but with a little preparation and planning, it can go smoothly. You have two options: either you can try packing and moving, or else you can hire house removalists. Either way, you’ll still need to pack everything up.  

Although, there is no single, comprehensive guide that covers every possible situation during a move. However, these general tips can be helpful in most cases. Be prepared for a smooth, quick, and easier move.


Get Rid of Stuff You Are Not Going to Use 

If you want to make packing and moving your belongings a little easier, start by getting rid of anything that you don’t use or that you don’t need. This will reduce the amount of clutter you have to pack, move, and unpack.

Create a Packing & Moving Kit 

To save time and keep everything within reach, create a moving caddy to store all my stuff. You should add the following things to your kit: 

  • Packing tape is useful for labelling boxes
  • Coloured paper is perfect for marking the contents of the box.
  • A ruler can be used to easily rip paper in half, making it easy to write on paper. 
  • Sharpie pens can be used to write on the paper
  • Scissors can be used to cut the paper into the desired shape. 


Categories All Your Belongings 

Packing your belongings can be easier if you group them by category. For example, you can put all of your kitchen items in one box, all of your delicate items in another, and so on. You can also pack by room, making it simpler when unpacking. This will help you find the right box and know the dimensions and other requirements. 

By keeping track of all the important details, you can save money on packing materials and have a successful move.

Stock Up On Packing Supplies

In order to make your move as smooth as possible, you’ll need to stock up on packing supplies and storage boxes before packing up your kitchen dishes, furniture, and other delicate decor pieces. Here are some packing materials you can use to pack your belongings securely. 

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Foil
  • Shrink film
  • Boxes, 
  • Clamshells
  • Bubble Wraps and Foam
  • Poly Furniture Covers
  • Stretch Wraps. 

Packaging supplies can be found anywhere, but the quality of the supplies you use is important in order to ensure the safety of your belongings. If you use low-quality supplies, you may risk tearing, breaking, and snapping, which could lead to property damage. So, choose your packing material wisely.

Organise & Label

To make packing and unpacking your move as easy as possible, numbering each box and keeping an inventory list in a small notebook can help you keep track of what you’ve packed. Additionally, if you have any questions about what’s in a particular box, you can refer to your inventory list to see if you still have the item.

Tape Your Boxes

To prevent the box from splitting in two, tape the bottom and top seams shut, then use the movers’ techniques to create a few wraps around the box’s top and bottom edges, where stress is concentrated.

Packing is really a lot of work, if at any point you feel like you won’t be able to do it without creating a mess, we recommend you hire furniture removalists in Melbourne.

Make Sure Everything is Done Before Moving Day

Make sure everything is ready for the move the night before. Don’t leave any packing for the day of the move. 

Don’t Forget to Pack Essentials

Before you pack, make a list of the things you need most and pack them last. This way, you’ll have easy access to them while you are moving and they will be easy to find when you arrive.

Conclusion: If it’s a small move, you can probably manage things yourself by following the tips above, but there will still be some stressful moments. That is why it’s worth hiring a mover. They are experts and can help you pack hassle-free, as well as provide additional packing and moving tips.

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